Smart City Vocational College is a Registered Training Organisation committed to providing a high standard of quality service.   Our aims include ensuring our clients are met with the type of service that they require to best suit their individual needs.
Smart City Vocational College meets current NVR Standards, please view our lastest audit results HERE

We strive to fulfil these needs through providing flexibility in the delivery mode of our training services. The trainers of Smart City Vocational College are highly experienced and deliver their product with knowledge, passion and expertise

Smart City Vocational College is based in Central Queensland, Wide Bay, South East Queensland Regions, Victoria and Tasmania.
We have campuses in Rockhampton, Currimundi, Maroochydore, Hervey Bay, Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Ballarat and Hobart


Our mission is to guide students to discover and uncover their true potential, and empower them to achieve life goals to serve our society. We believe that education is the key to opportunity and can be a powerful tool in helping individual’s achieve their goals. We work with you to make our vision a reality by embracing the following key values:

Build the individual

We are committed to providing a learning experience that begins with the student’s personal and professional ambitions. We recognize that by developing the individual, we not only impact them personally but also strengthen the economy and the community.


We are committed to providing a safe learning environment, both physically and emotionally. We understand that when students feel comfortable and safe they are more engaged and active in the learning process.

Deliver practical life skills

We are committed to providing quality education that is both functional and relevant. Our products and services are aligned with the NVR standards and are designed to be practical for immediate application in the workplace.

Serve the community

Strong nations are built on strong communities. Strong communities are built on strong individuals. Our objective is to strengthen communities by strengthening individual students who come through our programs.

Have Fun

We believe that students learn faster and retain more if the learning environment is fun and engaging. Our trainers are committed to putting the students first and helping them enjoy the learning experience.
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