Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT: Your intention to keep studying needs to be confirmed by 31 March to retain your loan support

Q: I heard SmartCity was closing. Is that true?

A: Despite news reports saying otherwise, SmartCity Vocational College is not about to close

… and we never were. We have been operating successfully since 1998 and we intend to keep providing quality vocational education and training. However, there have been some changes in where we operate.

Check here for a list of our new locations.


Q: Why are we going to new locations?

A: At the end of 2016, the Federal Government made sudden, major changes to VET student loan funding and the courses for which it would provide loan support. These radical changes have meant significant financial implications for all VET colleges, including SmartCity. Because we are committed to seeing our students succeed, we have been forced to slash our overheads, including leasing costs for our campuses, in order to keep our doors open and ensure our students can complete their study programs.


Q: Have there been changes in what I’m learning or the people who teach me?

A: Your course content will remain unchanged. You will still be able to access online content as before and to come into one of our campuses for technical or study support.
We have done our best to ensure you still have top-quality trainers who will oversee your program of study, grade your work and provide feedback.

However, you are likely to see changes in the staff and tutors you engage with when you come into one of our campuses.

Don’t worry, there will still be friendly faces and you can still enjoy interacting with other students.


Q: How are the funding changes likely to affect me financially?

A: Firstly, if you received VET FEE-HELP previously and you opt in to continue your study program before 31 March, you should see no change to those arrangements other than you will receive a Password Key to allow you to continue your studies.

(PLEASE NOTE: This process can take a little time, so the earlier you opt in, the sooner your loan funding will be confirmed and you can re-commence your studies.)

However, if you wait until after that date, you will need to re-apply for the Federal Government’s new VET Student Loans scheme.

Unfortunately, that scheme (a) is not available for all VET courses, and, in any case, (b) would only provide loan support part of your total course fees for almost 500 fewer courses.

So, depending on the course you are studying, you would then need to fund up to 100 per cent of its course fees from your own pocket.


Q: Am I going to be able to complete my studies?

A: Yes, if you commenced study prior to 31 December, 2016, and you opt in to confirm your intention to keep studying by 31 March, you will be able to complete your current study program with the same loan funding as previously. We encourage you to also advise us of your intentions too.

SmartCity is proud that our College has seen more than 5000 students graduate since it opened in 1998. In the past three years alone, 1270 students have completed a Diploma or Certificate qualification.


Q: What about if I want to enrol in another SmartCity course?

A: At this point in time, SmartCity is not enrolling new students for study in 2017 while we await the resolution of some regulatory issues. In the meantime, it’s business as usual for all our continuing students.


Q: Why haven’t I heard about any of this before?

A: Since the beginning of the year, our service desk and trainers have been sending emails and SMS messages to all students advising of our new study locations and times as well as the need to opt in for their loan arrangements to continue.

In those communications we thanked those staff and student who have weathered the disruptions to date and have reassured them that we are looking forward to working with them in 2017.

We sincerely apologise to any student who missed their email or SMS, or whose details have changed and we hadn’t been advised. We invite you to contact us directly, especially if you have changed your contact details or would like to know more.


Q: What if I have other questions?

A: You can always reach us via email at or on 1800 23 76278.