Your place or ours?

SmartCity’s Blended Learning works with your lifestyle. Want to attend campus daily? Prefer to study from home? Or maybe you’d like to try a combination of the two? Whatever your situation, we’ll accommodate you.


Classroom learning

On campus.

With SmartCity’s Classroom Learning, you can learn by listening and participating in a hands-on, interactive environment that leaves room for give and take.

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Online learning

At home or on the go.

SmartCity’s Online Learning lets you use technology to access customised lessons and online resources such as print materials, web, e-mail, Internet, computer software and audio/video conferencing.

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Workplace learning

On the job.

Get on-the-job training on-site or away from the office.

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Blended learning

For diverse learner groups.

Blended learning takes the best of face to face training and combines it with technology in a way that suits our diverse learner groups and supports them to succeed.

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