A guide to being the best you!

A guide to being the best you! | Smart City Vocational College

Be inspired by the most successful people and their morning routines to achieve your own greatness.

Willpower is a detrimental component to achieve success and scientifically proven to be at its highest in the morning. Investing your first hours of the day on top-priority tasks will see you achieving more in your day than ever before. Studies have revealed that willpower works like a muscle and overuse can cause it to become fatigued. Following this guide will see you achieving you best results before your midday break.

SmartCity Vocational College has everything you need to get started on your path to success. Our innovation and expertise in education deliver a range of nationally accredited qualifications that will prepare our students to exceed in their industry and achieve greatness. SmartCity has curated 4 specific steps to transform your career, we recommend:

Early beginnings

The morning routines of the most successful people begin with a well utilised early start to the day. Waking up early is what Benjamin Franklin, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, and many other successful people all have in common. Their brains are switched on and functioning at their highest efficiency during these early hours. So why waste this quality time for sleep.

Planning is key

Before your day begins, review, plan and strategise your day’s objectives for a motivating start. Much like our leading business professionals, create clarity of vision to achieve your goals.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Begin your day with a healthy breakfast so you can manage your energy levels throughout a busy day. A day without a big healthy breakfast will leave you feeling fatigued and struggling for energy.

Working out, particularly in the morning will help you destress and perform any challenging task with a clear and functional mind.

Never stop learning

Successful people aim to gain more knowledge and skills over their competition. Begin reading books, articles, and anything you can get your hands on concerning your industry and the people in it. The world most influential individuals like, Barack Obama and Mahatma Gandhi are infatuated with reading and learning.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin