SmartCity Announces Meg Rutledge As New Brand Ambassador

Meet MX Star, SmartCity Student and new SVC Brand Ambassador, Meg Rutledge.

We are so excited to announce that X Games Silver Medalist, Australian SX/MS Champion and SmartCity student, Meg Rutledge will be also representing Smart City Vocational College as SmartCity’s new Brand Ambassador.

Not only does Meg defy convention on the motocross track as one of the world’s leading female motocross champions, but in the classroom as well.

“As a motocross champion, I have a hectic schedule, but motocross won’t last forever”, says Rutledge. “I have to prepare for the future, that’s why I’m studying a Diploma of Business with Smart City Vocational College. The flexible courses work with my fast and furious schedule, so I can get an education that will set me up for whatever comes next.”

Meg shares an incredible capacity for withstanding high-pressure environments and excelling at whatever she puts her mind to.  We are so excited to work alongside Meg in promoting higher education and learning.  She is a great example of how you can live and learn while studying a Diploma Course with SmartCity.  Welcome to the Team Meg!

Check out Meg’s wicked video here.

“I have to prepare for the future.  That’s why I’m studying a Diploma of Business with Smart City Vocational College.” Meg Rutledge

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