There is a time for studying, and then there is a time to relax.

There are so many tips on how to study efficiently. We have put together some of our favourites for you.

Acronyms, songs or poemsacro

MATH WAL. To you, that’s nonsense but to
someone else, it’s the part of an insect (mouthparts, antennae, thorax, head, wings, abdomen and legs).

Straight facts are some of the most difficult things for some people to absorb – memorise, memorise, memorise. Acronyms tend to help you remember important facts and even if the acronyms don’t make a real word, they still help remember all that information.

Make a list of your questions

If you are confused about certain subjects or topics, make a list of questions on what it is that you are particularly confused about. In your next class, you will pay more attention to those extra tricky issues and will hopefully understand them better.

Make flashcards

So many students love flashcards. They are an awesome way to memorise vocabulary and they give you another way to write out class material. Plus, they are perfect to keep in your bag to review during the ten minute wait before your next class starts.

treatAnd finally… Treat yourself!

Every now and then, during a particularly stressful and demanding time, treat yourself and go do something fun. Midnight runs, getting food with your friends and spontaneous adventures are the best! Or go watch a movie, go to your favourite café, spend time with your family, or at least treat yourself with one piece of chocolate for every piece of work your finish.

Remember, every little bit of studying you do counts towards a better result!