Tips to Study Smarter

Are you finding it difficult to juggle everyday life and study? Let’s face it, we’re not super humans and we all live busy lives which leaves us vulnerable to day-to-day stress. It’s easy to say “you need to manage your time better” but how do you actually achieve that? Try out some of these study tips to study smarter and achieve your goals.



Free yourself from distractions and master one task at a time. Make sure you are comfortable so you don’t get distracted by the things around you. Avoid noisy, busy places and if you find it difficult to work in silence, ensure the background noise doesn’t interfere with your study space. If you’re not disciplined enough to switch yourself off from social media accounts (which most of us are guilty of), there are some useful anti-distraction apps that can help you stay focused. The most popular app for students is called SelfControl.


Since you can’t do everything, learn to focus on the important tasks and let go of the rest. To prioritise effectively, first you need to recognise what tasks are important and the difference between the not so important. The high priority or important tasks are the tasks that will help you achieve your long term goals. Create a list of all tasks you need to complete and identify the urgent ones, assess the value of each task and look at which ones are of highest value. Lastly, know when to cut the tasks of the least value so you can focus on the priorities. Then take a deep breath and dive in.

Know your deadlines

This is one of those non negotiables when it comes to being organised and getting it done! Note down when your assignments are due and add them into your calendar as a reminder, enabling you to never miss a deadline. This will also allow you to plan your time more efficiently as you can plan your time around these key dates.

Take regular breaks

Every 45-60 minutes take up to a 10-minute break from studying. This will increase your ability to remember information more effectively and it can also improve your concentration. Before taking a break be sure to make a note of where you have stopped so you know exactly where to pick back up from after your break. Avoid procrastinating to get started again, when it’s time to get back to work, do it. Don’t think about what lies ahead or about how much you have to do just get started and jump right in!

Wherever you are with your study, if you focus on the end goal, you will be surprised at what you can achieve. With a little determination and persistence, you can achieve anything. So what are you waiting for? Get out and make it happen!

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